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For 7 years, I participated at various meetings and communities as a Microsoft MVP, but for personal reasons, I decided to have a break for a while. The other day at work, I needed to write some VBA for a project, and I realised that it could be done easily if the sample code was still available on my old site. Also it would be a waste not to include other useful content for Excel users and developers, as well as wonderful advice from some of the best Excel experts on my former "The Cell Masters" page. Hopefully you can find something that you don't already know. And I'm going to continue adding as much new content as possible. Thanks for visiting my site.
Remember, Excel is the common bond that brings us together!

Masaru Kaji aka Colo
site ownwer of cellmasters.net - ex-Colo's Excel Junk Room.
Awarded as a Microsoft MVP for Excel since 2004 to 2010.

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As Sado is the way of the tea ceremony, and as Kendo is the way of the sword so too must 'The Cell Masters', be the way of Excel. There is a lot of really cool VBA code and formulas for Excel on the web. You may wonder what kind of person created such great stuff, or how can they gain such skill? Maybe you would like to find out how today's 'Masters' got their start - what did they do and how did they learn? I know that I have asked these things myself before! LOL!

The Cell Masters is designed to help answer your questions. The Cell Masters will be featured here so that you can learn the techniques that will help you become a Master yourself! And it doesn't matter who you are or where you are - Excel is the common bond that brings us together!

New Cell Master chapter is scheduled for being available in the next year 2015.
Just wait till you see who's coming to the next chapter.
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