Work with Files on FTP site (Share workbooks on the web)

Basically, to share the files like in a LAN environment, you need a LAN network.
However, when the distances between bases is away, it costs a huge for the installation of LAN net work. So generally, a software for sharing files would be used. But there is a way to do this without extra cost if you have your web space (Intranet or Internet). You can upload Excel workbook and you can share the files using FTP location folder.   In this page, I would introduce you how to make a FTP Location folder and how to use it to share files. No VBA code necessary.


I have a website for public use, so you can try the following using my site. Just follow few simple steps -

  1. On the Standard toolbar, Click Open, then click FTP Locations in the Look in box.

  2. Select Add/Modify FTP Locations then Click Open.

  3. Input information as follows. (You have to change the information below, when you use your web site.)

    Name of FTP site:, www28.tok2.com
    Log on as:select User then input corosuke as the username.
    Password: vvvZs6nP.

    When you click the Add button, a new FTP site will be added in the FTP sites: list box.

  4. Select ftp://www.28.tok2.com then click Open.

  5. Now, you can see a file named samplewkb.xls on the FTP Location. So please open the file and try to update it. (You can modify/change/save the file if you want to.)

  6. That's it. Hope you can see the updated file from other machines.


The workbook must be shared. You can share the file from Tools > Share Workbook. Please tick appropriate options. (In this tab, you can see the revision history.)

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